“Topics of expertise include: communication, management, leadership, sustainability, mobility, sales & promotion.”


Specialized in translating business materials, websites, articles, and books from Dutch to English.

My philosophy is that it is your message; you have, after all, carefully constructed it in Dutch and it should still be your message in English. As words or phrases can often be translated in different ways, I use my expertise and creativity to craft the translation so that it captures the same style and nuances of the language you use. But in keeping with my philosophy, I offer the opportunity to give your opinion and feedback before the final edit so that you are involved with the process and retain ultimate control over your story.

All translation projects include editing.


All editing work is meticulously done and the text is ready for layout, publishing or distribution upon completion. Editing (and translations) are available for business materials large and small: from large projects such as books, to small – but important – written pieces such as emails.

As a perfectionist and language specialist, I concentrate on the fine points and make sure the text is polished and in perfect English. I also look at the content from a broader perspective and ensure that your message comes across to the readers in the way you intended, and make suggestions if I notice any areas that could be improved or enhanced to frame your message effectively.

“Attention to details and the big picture”


Articulating your message in writing can sometimes be a challenge, especially if English is not your native language. I collaborate with thought-leaders to effectively express their vision in the right tone and style for their audience. My recent partnership was with Marga Hoek to create the award-winning breakthrough business book called The Trillion Dollar Shift. The book is about sustainability, shared value and how businesses and capital investments can play a key role in accomplishing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).