Training & Coaching

  • Business English
  • Individual Coaching
  • In-House Trainer
  • Special Programs
  • Workshops

Translation & Editing

  • Translations: Dutch to English
  • Editing: All business materials


Comprehensive business communication training.

Designed to improve professional English language skills and overall communication in a broader context. Practical, insightful and directly applicable.

“Since Amie’s involvement in our company, we have experienced significant improvement at all levels.”

“Amie has helped me excel in my career.”

Holistic approach to working with texts.

Working closely with authors and communication managers to capture the message, style and tone.

“Amie is a great thinker, organizer, verbalizer and a talent with texts.”

“Amie doesn’t just translate, she turns a piece of text into a work of art.”

Communication is the key to:

  • Creating connections
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Gaining different perspectives
  • Improving performance