Training & Coaching

  • Business English
  • Individual Coaching
  • In-House Trainer
  • Special Programs
  • Workshops


  • Translations: Dutch to English
  • Editing
  • Co-writing

Leadership & Sustainability

Comprehensive business communication training.

Designed to improve professional English language skills and overall communication in a broader context. Practical, insightful and directly applicable.

“Since Amie’s involvement in our company, we have experienced significant improvement at all levels.”

“Amie has helped me excel in my career.”

Holistic approach to working with texts.

Working closely with authors and communication managers to capture the message, style and tone.

” I can only be incredibly thankful for the ongoing support, inspiration, humor, incredible professionality and perseverance of my co-writer and chief editor Amie de Jeu. This book would not have seen the light of day without her.”

“Amie doesn’t just translate, she turns a piece of text into a work of art.”

Areas of expertise: Leadership and Sustainability

Working with leaders to communicate their vision and strategy to all stakeholders. Helping to promote sustainable business practices and convey innovative ideas.

Amie has supported my voice and given life to it every step of the way. My mission was definitely hers as well.”