All training & coaching covers the following:

Personal and professional development, fostering better communication, improving English language skills

Business English

Individual Coaching

In-House Trainer

Special Programs


Improved communication leads to improved performance and cooperation.

Communication is the bedrock of personal and professional relationships.

Organizations thrive when there is good communication and knowledge sharing.

Specialized training for specific purposes contribute to higher achievement

Life-long learning is an integral part of personal and professional development.

Amie de Jeu offers a unique blend of language training and communication coaching. Improve your business English and communication processes.

Individual coaching is an efficient way to address your own themes and develop your communication skills.

An ‘In-House’ arrangement offers many benefits to companies looking for language, communication and performance training for management and staff.

Comprehensive programs developed especially for High Potentials, Management and Business Professionals are time efficient and effective.

Workshops focused on specific learning goals and interests can be organized for your company.

“Improve your business English and professional communication.”

Business English

Participants will improve practical English language skills and examine the broader context of communication. They will improve their writing and speaking in English, gain insights into communicating with empathy and customer orientation, and learn about cross-cultural and interpersonal communication patterns.

The content is adapted to company specific communication processes and themes. The training is aimed at practical application and participants are encouraged to bring in their own emails, work materials and cases.

Individual Coaching

Amie de Jeu offers coaching to improve personal and professional communication, build confidence in using the English language and work on your own goals.

Private sessions can be organized at your office, home or another convenient office or meeting place. The full attention of an experienced coach can provide an excellent opportunity to concentrate exclusively on your own objectives.

Examples of private coaching include: Specific requests (e.g. job tasks, presentations, interviews); Train the trainer; Executive level coaching; Expat coaching; Communication coaching, and Sparring partner.

“Practical training and coaching focused on your individual needs. An efficient way to address your own themes and develop your communication skills.”

“An ‘In-House’ arrangement establishes an ongoing relationship and offers many benefits.”

In-House Trainer

Regular schedules are set up (e.g. the trainer visits the company for a full day twice a month all year) and many group and individual training and coaching sessions can be accommodated.

This offers many advantages. Not only does the company have a reliable English language and communication specialist on hand to facilitate training and coaching for all (or many) of their employees, it also affords the trainer the opportunity to get to know the company and the business which helps customize the training and materials. This arrangement also provides an opportunity to work together with the managers and directors to integrate the corporate values, the company’s employee development vision, and gives insight into the organization’s communication processes.

Additionally, special training programs can easily be arranged, standard departmental emails can be periodically reviewed and revised, personnel can be given coaching sessions when communication issues arise, there is a threat of burn-out, or when adjusting to a promotion or transition, and the trainer is on call for questions or editing of written materials and translations.

Special Programs

High Potentials

High Potentials or ‘Talents’ are in demand by many organizations because of their potential to excel. Companies recognize the importance of investing in training these talented people to help them succeed and add value to the company. This 4-day program is specifically dedicated to High Potentials to enhance their business communication skills and prepare them for management functions in international environments. The program can stand alone or be coordinated to complement other training programs for this target group.

Leadership and trainee development organizations and employee development managers are welcome to contact me to incorporate business communication modules into their programs.

One-day Refresher Course for Management

An intensive, fun, informative and practical training that boosts the business English language and overall communication skills of managers and executives.

This engaging one-day training focuses on improving business English language and communication skills. It incorporates themes related to effective communication processes with clients, staff and other business stakeholders. Included in the training is the opportunity to bring in your own business materials and cases as well as practice your own presentation. The training is intended to enrich your Business English communication skills and be directly applicable to work.

Business Class

This is a four day, advanced course covering a full range of business and language skills. It is comprehensive, time efficient and effective.

Doing business in the professional arena requires communication that is skillful, accurate and confident.  Business Class explores a variety of business skills both theoretically and practically to enhance your communication and develop your ability to express yourself well in English.

Participants should have an upper intermediate to advanced level in English and the desire to boost their language skills to a higher professional level.

Comprehensive Presentation Training

Amie de Jeu has collaborated with Pauline van Aken to create a unique all-encompassing presentation course to improve your presentation skills.

Pauline van Aken’s uses her experience as a television presenter and expertise as a speech therapist to work on the mental, physical and emotional aspects of presenting. She also shares her insights into the techniques required to control your breathing, voice and body language.

Amie de Jeu taps into her years of experience as a business communication trainer to prepare you to present to an international audience. She focusses on the content, language, and goal of your presentations.

“Professional Development for high potentials and management.”

“Life-long learning is an integral part of personal and professional development.”


Workshops focused on specific learning goals and interests can be organized for your company on the following subjects:

Business English: For people with an intermediate to advanced level in English who want to polish their skills.

Email Efficiency: Learn how to write, structure and approach emails to gain a better handle on the flow and achieve quicker and more complete responses. Participants have reported a 20% drop in email traffic due to a more efficient approach, and less stress caused by incomplete or delayed responses.

Leadership and Management: We examine the communication skills, issues, and mindset required to effectively perform as a leader.

Presentations: Gain confidence presenting in English, learn to write the associated slides and materials, and identify the goal, key messages and takeaway of your presentations.

Cultural and Language Nuances: For people working internationally to learn about the mindset and communication etiquette in other cultures.

Positive Framing: How a message is said has a significant influence on how it is received. In this workshop, you will learn how to communicate in such a way that the listener or receiver will experience the interaction in a positive way, even if the message itself is ‘negative’. This is especially important in customer relations.

Empathetic Communication: Customer service, client acquisition and retention, and employee satisfaction often hinge on how people feel about the people they work with. Companies recognize this and often encourage people to communicate empathetically. In this workshop, you will learn how to develop this way of communicating.

Receptionist: Secretaries and receptionists gain confidence in performing job tasks in English. Customer service and professional representation are integral parts of the workshop.

Current Affairs: Contemporary topics are used as a springboard for discussion, debate and English language building.