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Amie de Jeu

Amie de Jeu has been a business communication trainer and a personal and professional coach for more than 25 years. Her style is engaging and personal, practical and business oriented. She strongly believes that good communication is the key to a smooth running, successful organization and positive personal relationships.

Therefore, her training and coaching is a unique blend of improving English language skills and addressing communication processes in a broader sense. She brings different perspectives in view to better understand one’s own behavior and communication patterns, and those of others. In this way, true connections are enhanced.

Amie focusses on identifying the essence and the goal to improve clarity, efficiency and approach. Her special areas of expertise and interest include:

  • business English skills
  • presentations
  • positive framing
  • empathetic communication
  • cross-cultural awareness
  • writing
  • confidence building
  • language issues faced by Dutch native speakers

Regarding communication in a broader context, she focuses on:

  • efficiency and structure,
  • interpersonal skills for improved internal and external communication
  • stress and change management
  • customer orientation and company representation
  • personal and professional development
  • leadership communication

As an American who is fluent in Dutch, Amie is also a creative and involved translator, editor and co-writer. She is a perfectionist and focusses on polishing the language while also shaping and framing the message. Her projects include nine books, numerous websites, magazine and newspaper articles, and many other business materials. Special areas of focus include Sustainability, Leadership, Executive Coaching, Change Management, and Mobility. Amie de Jeu recently co-wrote and was chief-editor for the award-winning book The Trillion Dollar Shift.

Amie is certified in Management Drives and regularly attends business and leadership conferences and seminars because of her interest in these subjects. Her writing, editing and translation work over the past few years on the subject of sustainability also holds her interest. Amie incorporates her language expertise and her in depth knowledge of these topics in her training and editing work.  She has a passion for her work and is genuinely dedicated to seeing her clients succeed.