I am very involved in the topic of sustainability, new economy, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I work together with Marga Hoek, an international authority and keynote speaker on the topic of sustainability. I translated and edited her award winning book: New Economy Business, and we are currently working together on her new book on the SDGs. I also work with Marga to produce her bi-weekly articles on sustainability for the Huffington Post and other magazines. Working with this topic gives me hope for the future. Bad news often dominates the media and it can be easy to believe that all big corporations and wealthy leaders are greedy and destructive. We can feel devastated by global warming and the prospect of depleting our resources. Recent political trends of nationalism and exclusion can feel like people don’t care about others. But when I work on these books and articles and I research and read what else is going on in the world, I am uplifted. I see that there are many people, communities, cities, companies – small, mid-sized, and even large corporations – that are working hard, innovating and moving in a positive direction. I see real change. I feel encouraged that my children will have a bright, healthy future.

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